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"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." - Lord Kelvin

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What is Green Meter?

Make More Informed Decisions on Energy Use

Green Meter is an energy tracking and management system designed to provide measurement and analysis to drive efficiency in facilities of any size, including schools, office buildings, university campuses, and commercial buildings. Developed by Ecology and Environment, Inc., Green Meter offers an easy-to-use approach to collecting, storing, and displaying near real-time energy consumption and facility information. This approach is coupled with Ecology and Environment’s expert analysis and solutions for curtailing costs.

Green Meter is more than just a meter. It goes beyond recording your energy use and cost by providing data analysis tools, such as flexible graphing and dashboard capabilities, energy invoice and cost summaries, and audit information. Green Meter synthesizes information you need to make informed decisions on facility energy use.

Green Meter also tracks your progress toward energy reduction goals. Dynamic energy data is readily available to communicate success of efforts in a user-friendly interface. Green Meter also works with facility zones, such as contractor areas or tenant spaces. It also offers sub-metering tools, so that a tenant’s energy use can be charged directly to them.

And you are never alone. Your data is monitored and assessed by our energy experts, who will provide frequent feedback on improvement opportunities or recommend more effective technology solutions. Our experts analyze your operational data and offer recommendations that enable you to lower your utility costs and consumption.

What Green Meter Delivers

  • Electricity use and demand
  • On-site power production
  • Natural Gas use
  • Water consumption
  • Energy use and cost—by the hour, day, week, month, or year
  • Performance indicators, such as energy per square foot
  • Weather-related adjustments to accurately assess your building performance
  • CO2 and CO2 equivalent emissions
  • Energy consumption and demand baseline development
  • Historical energy use/cost to track cost avoidance
  • Energy use between buildings on a campus or across the country to prioritize improvements and inform occupants
  • Specific energy waste by use and cost
  • Opportunities for improvement with quantifiable savings
  • Off-hour energy use and peak demand spikes that waste energy and money
  • Building energy performance against site-specific or industry standards
  • Progress of improvement programs, including behavior-based programs and energy improvement contracts
  • Establish easy-to-use dashboards to communicate energy use and cost to all members of your organization—from the energy expert to the CFO to your employees
  • Produce detailed or summary reports to review progress, evaluate improvement, quantify savings, and celebrate success

How Green Meter Works

Green Meter is a smart, hybrid solution to energy savings: a packaged consultation service that offers near real-time interval meter data collection and storage combined with facility-load profile analyses and weather-normalized performance benchmarking. Using a simple Web interface, you can view utility data in an easy-to-understand format and receive detailed analysis of performance from our energy experts.

Green Meter’s Audit and Energy Conservation Measure documentation and calculations allow you to evaluate and prioritize improvements. Green Meter also provides tools to update and track improvement status, converting your audit findings and performance contracts into live web-based action items to allow tracking of progress and actual savings.

Our energy experts use aggregation, analysis, and reporting tools to provide details about a facility's energy usage and progress toward energy savings. Details include the actual amount of electric consumption as well as real-time weather data for each location. Weather conditions, measured in cooling degree days (CDD) and heating degree days (HDD), affect building energy performance on a daily basis and are factored in to accurately create a building's energy profile. By capturing the electric consumption and the real-time weather data, Green Meter provides insight into the way a facility responds to localized climate changes.


Hourly Energy and Temperature readings at Ecology and Environment's Headquarters in Lancaster, New York

Who Benefits From Green Meter?

All state and federal buildings must produce an annual energy report, and Green Meter helps you meet those demands. The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (interpretation and requirements) establishes metering requirements, and states federal buildings must comply with these requirements by the year 2012. The requirements can be met by installing advanced metering technology such as Green Meter.

Legal Docs

New York State wants to reduce statewide electric energy use by 15% by the year 2015. With these regulatory drivers in place, nearly all energy consumers are likely candidates for a Green Meter solution, including:

  • Industry and manufacturers
  • Federal, state, county, and municipal office buildings
  • School districts, universities, and colleges with multiple buildings and campuses
  • Companies with several branch locations and offices

An Intelligent Choice

Our energy experts will devise a smart, flexible, and customized energy assessment of your facilities and energy usage. We will analyze the results to reduce your energy consumption and cut your electric bill. Your potential savings with Green Meter more than justify the cost to install and maintain your meter upgrade.

E&E's Atrium

Our Commitment

E & E supports the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® programs for New Construction (NC) and Existing Building (EB) programs by offering LEED certification application assistance and green building project planning and consulting.

Our Green programs include:

  • Energy consumption and demand analysis
  • Energy auditing
  • Energy conservation measure (ECM) identification and analysis

By implementing Green programs, such as Green Meter, you can achieve:

  • Financial savings
  • Increased environmental efficiency
  • The ability to track and monitor environmental performance
  • Positive public and stakeholder relations

Ecology and Environment

E & E and its Green programs continue to be recognized for dynamic energy savings and solutions for energy efficiency. As a result of more than three decades of commitment to promoting alternative energy concepts, we have:

  • Altered our corporate headquarters to achieve LEED® Platinum certification
  • Saved several thousands of dollars annually on utility bills at our corporate headquarters
  • Been recognized by EPA for saving more than 30 million driven miles and 1.7 million gallons of gasoline (through GreenRide®)
  • Prevented:
    • 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions
    • 1.5 million pounds of carbon monoxide emissions
    • 125,000 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions
    • 215,000 pounds of other hydrocarbon emissions
  • Been named one of the "Best Workplaces for Commuters" by the United States Department of Transportation and the EPA
  • Received a top award from the Environmental Services Research Institute (ESRI) commending GreenRide's technological innovation, originality, and ease of use

Contact Us

For more information please contact us at (716) 684-8060.

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Green Meter: The Quick and Easy Path to Lower Utility Operating Costs